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Iphone 8

10 Reasons for iPhone8 disaster sales performance in India

Apple’s iPhone is most awaited handset launch in the world. This year was not an exception. Technology get new name and dimensions when incorporated in iPhone. This year Apple has announced launch of 3 models i.e. iPhone8, 8 plus and

Rs.3500 price drop in Samsung Galaxy A7 2016 ( A710F)

Samsung has announced heavy price drop in A7 2016 (A 710F) popularly known as A7.  Its latest MOP will be 19,400.  Its earlier MOP was 22,900. Samsung has decided to set Samsung Retail Price of it less than 3500 as

Samsung Controls handsets price by SRP – Samsung Retail Price

Every product launched in India must contain certain information about product. It includes MRP, Maximum retail price is highest price that can be charged for mentioned product. Retailer can charge any price below this MRP. MRTPC – Monopolies and Restrictive