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India’s performance in CWG since Inceptions

First common wealth games was organized in 1930 in Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, and was called the British Empire Games. Since then it has taken place 21 times. CWG 2018 organized in Gold Coast 2018,Australia was 21st edition. India didn’t

Apple creating artificial shortage of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Apple is using oldest formula to keep iPhone 7 in news and being demanded by consumers. Demand and supply is being manipulated even after two weeks of launch. Supply is not rationalize to meet demands. Apple has intentionally planned irregular

iPhone 7 Launch : Sales Gimmicks by Apple India

Failure of iPhone 6S in India has bottom rocked Apple India, It is taking care of all marketing and sales gimmicks to make iPhone 7 successful. Sales gimmicks by Apple India. Creating hype for launch on 7th October But Launched

iPhone charging premium based on color variants !

Apple Pricing policy is most ambiguous, iPhone is priced at certain MRP however consumers are charged premium based on color variant. Apple is only brand where this kind of nuisance is seen. Interesting factor to note in this is that