Oppo Mobiles Banned by Indian Retailers

Chinese brand Oppo Mobile is being opposed by Indian retailers association for unfair trade practice and atrocities.


Oppo handset makers want to control price at every level. Retailers are not allowed for healthy competition to attract consumer to its shop. It is new kind of license raj practiced by Chinese brand. MRTPC – Monopolies And Restrictive Trade Practices Commission Act 1970 advocate for healthy competition.

The aims and objectives of this act were:
To ensure that the operation of the economic system does not result in the concentration of economic power in hands of few rich.
To provide for the control of monopolies, and

To prohibit monopolistic and restrictive trade practices.

on contrary, Oppo handset maker restrict and enforce their policy at every level from sourcing to advertising to selling price.
Oppo Mobile wants a restricted pricing for consumer, however when a few online players sold it a rate lesser than advocated by Oppo handsets makers. Retailers association met with Oppo management, reportedly Oppo management was rude and behaved badly with association representative. It has not gone well with office bearer of retailers association body and they decided to boycott Chinese handset brand, Oppo.
Oppo Mobiles offer following models for consumers naming Oppo F1s, Oppo A37 F, Neo 7, Neo 5, F1 Plus and F1. Oppo along with Vivo an Gionee have put up a threat to supremacy of Samsung mobiles in India. This Chinese brand, Oppo is heading strongly for No. 3 highest selling brand after Samsung and Apple.
Brand Model  Best BuY  Price Band
Oppo Oppo-F1S   17,999 15-20K
Oppo oppo-A37F   10,999 10-15K
Oppo Neo-7    9,999 5-10K
Oppo oppo-F1-Plus   26,999 20-25K
Oppo Neo-5    6,999 5-10K
Oppo Oppo-F1   15,999 15-20K
However if it fails to win trust of retailers, it would be difficult to keep having bigger pie in Handsets market in India.