Apple iPhone 7 leak features, Apple new watch, watch 2

Perhaps first time in History of Apple iPhone 7 its features are already talk of town. We are for record mentioning a few selected most talked rumors in town.

apple launch

  1. No Hand Phone jack : Famous 3mm jack for music will be discontinued.
  2. New iPhone will be called iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro
  3. iPhone standard storage will be increased 32GB from 16 GB
  4. It will have new Apple processor A10 Processor
  5. iPhone 7 is rumored to be enhanced but similar copy to iPhone 6S
  6. iPhone 7 will be in 5 colors naming rose gold, gold, silver, dark black and piano black
  7. Pressure Sensitive button
  8. Dual Lens camera for iPhone 7 Plus
  9. Two Black models one glossy
  10. Apple watch 2 will have GPS connectivity

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