Google to Fuchsia Android soon


Google is moving forward with android and will replace it soon. Android shall be replace with mysterious new operating system. Fuchsia ‘operating system’ is based on a microkernel that Google initially called Magenta Kernel and now known as Zircon. While Android is based on open source linux code.

Google Fuchsia

Google has done its stint with Android. Google has to come with Android ‘P’ or peanuts this year. It has been lots of sweet since cupcake. Google looking to stop this sweet treatment.

Fuchsia has been revealed first in 2016 without any official launch. while android was invented for smartphones it is capable on a range of devices such as embedded systems, smartphones, tablets and personal computers. Though google has chrome too as operating system however Fuchsia can result in one consistent operating system across product categories for Google.

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‘Fuchsia’ is ambitious operating system by google. It will not only work in embedded systems, Smartphones , tablets and PC but also in car infotainment systems and traffic lights. It is not possible of announcement of fuchsia in this year, however for sure Android ‘P’ peanuts is on card.

Google new operating system is in lime light again post tweet by Mr. Mishaal Rahman edition in chief of XDA developers. Mr. Mishaal Rahman mentioned that ‘fuchsia’ has been spotted on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). AOSP is an initiative created by Google for the development of the Android mobile platform for open source use cases. The OS has been spotted in the Android Runtime branch, which is an application run-time environment.

Google is integrating support on Android for fuchsia. Post launch of fuchsia chrome and Android will be supported. However going forward google will put all efforts altogether in this OS.