Redmi OS is not latest : Struck with Android Nougat


In a smartphone 5 main component define pricing of a handset. Handset critical features includes Screen size, Memory, Camera, processor and battery.  However one feature is silent and without that a smartphone can not be a mass product, it is operating system. Nokia has been wiped for not updating its OS to Android and in its second inning it is heavily depend on Android.

Redmi OS is not Android Oreo
Redmi OS is not Android Oreo

In order to get delusion and not using latest OS by android phone companies has come with smart way. Oppo runs its phone on ColorOS bases on android, Vivo on funtouch, honor on EMUI and Xiaomi (redmi os) on MIUI.

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Android latest OS is Oreo however Android ‘P’ is due to be announced any time. While Redmi is putting money on Battery, Screen size and memory it has ignored latest OS for time being. Redmi current user interface is MIUI 9.5 but it is not based on Android Oreo. Mi user interface is still based on 2 years old nougat.

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Mi has updated 9.0 with 9.5, as earlier was having lots of bugs. It was expected that new version will be based on Oreo however it didn’t meet expectations. Mi phones are known for value for money, It is known fact that premium brands are available at abnormal pricing while Mi is charging hand to mouth.

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This is a major goof up with a brand like Xiaomi. Oppo has also moved from colorOS 3.2 to Android Oreo with ColorOS 5.0. This time Mi is on historical mistake to continue years old operating system.

Redmi non-gradation is surprising when even Lava, Micromax and Karbonn has moved to android oreo. Redmi has to change gear with latest technology before it gets branded for wiped out features.

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