Top 25 countries India Imports from

In First two month of financial year 2016-17, we have presented countries that are India’s destination for Importing. Top 25 countries from where India imported are listed here.

All Figures mentioned are in INR crore.

Importing figures for Apr May 2016-17
Importing figures for Apr May 2016-17


India first look to china when it comes to Importing, India Imported from China in tune of INR 54502 crore in Apr-May 2016. India’s total Import in this duration was INR 356634 Crore. Almost 15% of total imports was from China only, followed by UAE, United Arab of Emirates i.e. INR 22033 Crore. It was 6.2% of total imports done from India. UAE was followed by Saudi Arab INR 20048 crore then USA INR 18,223 Crore and 5th position was hold by Korea republic with INR 13278 crore.

However India’s Import from China stand at 54502 crore but Export is mere  Rs. 9455. Trade balance is highly in favora of China with staggering INR 45046 Crore.

India’s total Imports in this duration has been INR 3,56,634 crore and top 25 countries contributed 79.66%.

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