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top 10 commodities exported by india

India and Pakistan Trade Balance : 5 Years Export Import Analysis

India and Pakistan are south Asian countries. India has confirmed MFN (Most favored Nation) status to Pakistan for international trade though Pakistan consider India as permanent enemy. India and Pakistan’s trade in Financial year 2016-17 has been Rs. 15,271.12 crores.

top 10 commodities exported by india

Export Import with China in Q1 of 2017 by India

China is India’s number one destination when we plan for import. China wants to dominate international politics. It has stopped India’s entry in NSG ( Nuclear Supplier Group). China supported Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, an international terrorist from Pakistan in united nations. It

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50 countries India had highest Trade Surplus in FY 2016-17

In Financial year 2016-17 India has Exported worth Rs. 1,852,339.65 Crores and total Import was rs. 2,577,417.43 Crores. This leaving a trade deficit for Rs. 725,077.78 Crores. India didn’t have trade deficit with all countries it does business with. India