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India’s Export shrank : cost 70,000 jobs in second quarter !

We have highlighted on 6th Sep that India’s export  is declined by 15 % in financial year 2015-16 YoY basis. Read this, https://indianretailsector.com/news/india-exports-a-comparative-study-of-2014-15-and-2015-16/ It looks ASSOCHAM, The Associated chambers of commerce and Industry in India has taken a note of

Import Export 2016-17

India Exports : A comparative study of 2014-15 and 2015-16

India is claiming robust growth under leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However data in real terms should otherwise. A nations health and wealth can be understood by goods exported by it. In financial year 2014-15 India exported goods US$

Import Export 2016-17

India’s Trade Deficit Analysis with top 5 countries

  Trade Deficit Analysis for Apr- May 2016. All figure are in INR Crores.     India’s uttermost trade happens wit 5 countries in world naming China, United states of America, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arab and Hon kong. 36%