Smart watch got a new Name : Samsung Gear S3 ; Product Review and Price

Samsung is acting serious for fitness and health segment. with launch of Gear S3 , it looks ready for next level. Gear S3 has elegance of premium watch also features for class apart for fitness and health. it will be in two variants Frontier and Classic. pricing will start from INR 28,500 in India.

It is beyond traditional watch, however exterior and interior has aesthetic that professionals looks for. It is much more than watch and still provide enrich experience of watch.

Gear S3

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The Gear S3 infuses the best aspects of classic watch design into a modern smartwatch.

Timeless Design
• Refined craftsmanship: Explore with Elegance
• Refined craftsmanship: Traditional Styling
• Always-on Watchface
• Stylish changeable bands

Samsung Grear S3

USP 1 : Refined craftsmanship: Explore with Elegance

The Gear S3 frontier combines elegance and durability. Made with stainless steel alloy 316L, it features a striking watch face which is set deeper than the bezel to protect it from unexpected external shocks. The Gear S3 frontier’s knurled bezel has a laser marked finish to not only highlight the fine design but also improve usability, while the accentuated buttons add to its convenience. With its strong, tempered finish, the Gear S3 frontier is perfect for exploring.

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s3 elegance

• Elegant yet durable design
• Sturdy design with a stunning knurled bezel

Stylish Changeable Bands

Find the perfect Gear S3 band to match your style. The Gear S3 supports all standard 22 mm watch bands so you can attach any traditional watch band, as well as the dedicated bands. The band lever makes it quick and easy to change bands too. In addition to the provided band, you can choose from four different Samsung bands in various colors which have different characteristics.
• Various bands to match your own style
• Each band has distinct characteristics

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S3 band


USP 2 :Standalone freedom

The Gear S3 has a built-in speaker so one can make and receive calls without a smartphone. With support for Samsung Pay and the long-lasting battery, convenience is at the core of the Gear S3’s design. It is also ideal for outdoor activities thanks to its water and dust resistant design and advanced fitness tracking features.

•Versatile built-in speaker
•Built-in GPS
•Worry-free water resistance
•Outdoor activity info
•Long-lasting battery

Versatile Built-in Speaker
• Convenient calls with the built-in speaker
• Listen to songs through the standalone

Make calls freely on your wrist
Let the Gear S3 be your smartphone. Its built-in speaker enables you to make and receive phone calls without picking up your smartphone.
One can also listen to favorite songs through the standalone music player.

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Built in GPS

One will never get lost again with the Gear S3. Its built-in GPS allows one to find optimized hiking routes, calculate the distance to the hole on the green, and even find the best places to eat in local area. It also makes it easy to call a cab in unfamiliar places as one can send  real-time location to the driver.

Worry-free Water Resistance

Enjoy worry-free usage wherever you are with the Gear S3. It is IP68-rated for water and dust resistance, so you can even use it in the rain or by a swimming pool. Additionally, the Gear S3 Frontier offers military-grade durability, so it can endure high and low temperatures and still function correctly.

• IP68 ratings for outdoor activities
• Frontier is Compliant with US military equipment standard MIL-STD-810G

Long-Lasting Battery

The Gear S3 offers extended usage. Its larger 380 mAh battery ensures the Gear S3 lasts between 3 to 4 days on average, so One don’t have to worry about charging it every night. When you do have to charge it, you can do so for just 15 minutes to benefit from10 hours of usage time. If the battery falls below 5%, Power-off Watch is automatically enabled. This mode disables all of the Gear S3’s features except for the clock, so you can still check the time for the following 10 hours* without charging your Gear S3.

UPS 3 : Safety & Security

When you are in an emergency situation, you can easily send SOS messages by just pressing the Home key three times. Immediately after the SOS message is sent, your location is provided to your contacts, while your medical information is always available to your rescuer. Furthermore, leading security firms will also be alerted to your situation when you send an SOS message, so you can be sure you will be safe with the Gear S3.

•Quick and simple SOS messages
•Location tracking with built-in GPS


Location Tracking with built-in GPS

One can easily alert others that you are in an emergency situation with your GearS3. A clear and short SOS message which includes your location can be sent to your designated contacts so they can come to your aid. Responders can use their smartphone to track your location on a map in real time*.
• Real-time location tracking with the built-in GPS
• Accurate medical information for prompt and proper first aid

Advanced Fitness Tracking

Keep track of your workouts with the Gear S3. It automatically recognizes your activity so that you don’t need to set the device before you start to exercise. Once you begin your workout, the Gear S3 monitors your fitness data including the distance and duration, as well as tracking the number of reps you complete for exercises such as crunches and squats. You can also share your workout records on
Facebook and compete against your friends in a 1:1 Steps Challenge if you are looking for extra motivation to get fit. Furthermore, the Smart Inactive Alarm will suggest specific postures and exercises when you have been sitting down for too long to help you stay in shape.

Automatic activity recognition
• Share workout records online
• Inactive Alarm Suggest you more specific action

Enhanced Usability

Enjoy advanced functionality with the Gear S3’s improved bezel. You can now quickly respond to
calls, alarms and notifications by simply rotating the bezel left or right, so you can easily control
your Gear S3 even with wet hands or while wearing gloves.

enhance usability


Category Gear S3 frontier (BT) Gear S3 classic (BT)
OS Tizen Based Wearable OS 2.3.1
SIZE 46 x 49 x 12.9 mm (62 g, without bands) 46 x 49 x 12.9 mm (57 g, without bands)
Chipset Exynos7270 (Java-W), Dual 1.0GHz
Display 1.3”(33 mm) 360 x 360 Full color AOD,

Gorilla Glass SR+

Memory 768 MB + 4 GB
Connectivity BT4.2, Wi-Fi b/g/n, NFC, MST


Sensor Accelerometer, Gyro, Barometer,

HRM, Ambient light

Battery 380 mAh (3~4 days)
Charge Wireless charging (WPC Inductive)
Durability IP68 + MIL-STD-810G (Frontier only)
Etc Mic, SPK, Linear Motor


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