Samsung Mobile Price August 2018 – All models

Samsung Mobile Price August 2018

Samsung has regained no. 1 smartphone retailer tag in India.Xiaomi has been pushed to no. 2 smartly in smartphone segment. Samsung S9 not attracted customer on expected lines so coming with Note 9 in August only.

Samsung Mobile Price August 2018
Samsung Mobile Price August 2018

Samsung in determined to beat Xiaomi in long run. Samsung is regarded as margin brand in general trade while margins are shrink in case of Xiaomi. Xiaomi has gone to selected cash rich dealers and company does direct billing against bank guarantee. while Samsung appoints national and regional distributor and in this process margin distributed in 3 entities including NSD, RDS and end retailer. Still Samsung mobile provides better margin than Xiaomi to end retaier.

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Samsung Mobile Price August 2018 – All Models

Brand Category Model Name RAM ROM August Price
Samsung premium Galaxy S9+ 256GB 6GB 256 GB 72900
Samsung premium Galaxy S9+ 128GB 6GB 128 GB 68900
Samsung premium Galaxy S9+ 64GB 6GB 64GB 64900
Samsung premium Galaxy S9 256GB 4 GB 256 GB 65900
Samsung premium Galaxy S9 128GB 4 GB 128 GB 61900
Samsung premium Galaxy S9 64GB 4 GB 64GB 57900
Samsung Premium Galaxy Note 8 6GB 64 GB 59900
Samsung Premium Galaxy S8+ 128 GB 6 GB 128 GB 64900
Samsung Premium Galaxy – S8+ 4GB 64 GB 51990
Samsung Premium Galaxy – S8 4GB 64 GB 45990
Samsung premium A8+  2018 6GB 64 GB 29990
Samsung premium A6+  2018 4GB 64GB 23990
Samsung High A6 ’18 4GB 64GB 20990
Samsung High A6  ’18 4GB 32GB 19990
Samsung High J8 ’18 4GB 64GB 18990
Samsung Mid J6 ’18 4GB 64GB 14990
Samsung Mid J7 duo 4GB 32GB 14990
Samsung Mid J6 ’18 3GB 32GB 12990
Samsung Mid J7 prime 2 3GB 32GB 12990
Samsung Mid Galaxy J4 32GB 3GB 32GB 11990
Samsung Mid J7 Nxt 32GB 3GB 32GB 10990
Samsung Mid J7 prime 16GB 3GB 16GB 10490
Samsung Mid Galaxy J4 16GB 2GB 16Gb 9490
Samsung Mass J7 Nxt 2GB 16GB 9490
Samsung Mass Galaxy J2’18 2GB 16GB 7690
Samsung Mass J2 pro 2GB 16GB 7690
Samsung Mass Galaxy J2 ’17 1GB 8GB 6190


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