Samsung J3 and J7 2018 launched in USA

Samsung J7 2018

Samsung is on launching mobile handsets spree worldwide. It has recently launched Samsung Galaxy A9 Star and A9 star lite in China and before that J4.J6, and J8 were flavor of the month May 2018. Samsung minutely studying which phone to launch first in which international market. In USA it has announce Samsung J3 and J7 2018.

Samsung j3 2018
Samsung j3 2018

Senior VP Justin Denison,  Mobile Product Strategy and Marketing at Samsung Electronics America has said ” “The J3 delivers high-quality features at a great price, and the J7 with its huge HD screen and amazing, advanced camera, is built for users who want more.”

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Samsung J3 2018 comes in 5.0 inch HD display with 8 MP rear camera (aperture f1.9 ) and 5MP selfie camera (aperture f2.2) for crystal clear selfie and group photos. Samsung J7 2018 is phablet size phone in 5.5 inch HD+ display with 13MP (aperture f1.9) selfie camera and 13MP (aperture f1.7) rear camera.

Samsung is under immense pressure form Chinese brand worldwide and launching new models and upgraded device of existing models to offer freshness in market.

Samsung previous edition of J7 offer a mere 5MP selfie camera and 8MP rear camera. Group photos and selfies are craze among youth and this segment is target most by competitors. Samsung J7 2018 offers 13MP rear camera with f1.7 aperture for low light stunning pictures.

This also goes true for Samsung J3 2018, J3 2017 sported 5MP rear and 2MP selfie camera, which are outdated for sure in any market in the world. Samsung J3 2018 comes with marginally better 8MP rear camera and 5MP selfie camera.

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Two most frequent features used in smartphones include camera usage. Camera quality is critical feature that finalize decision in consumer buying behavior. Samsung lately understand this and upgrading phones mainly on this feature and battery capacity. Samsung J3 and J7 2018 offers upgraded mobile camera in sync with competition under 200 USD price segment.


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