Pokemon creating waves – 5 all time great games

Pokemon GO

Pokemon has been sensational and was instant hit. People are not only glued but glued so much that even they risk their life ! if you have spare time then you dont want to check on your friends, relatives or even gf/bf but you prefer to go for hunting POKEMON.

Pokemon can be biggest addiction but not first, know what are 5 all time great games have been, I am sure you must have played one or another

  1. FarmVille : It was developed by Zynga in 2009, it was integrated with Facebook, though graphics were good however in long run it was proved boring and die out slowly !
  2. Candy Crush : It was launched by king digital entertainment in 2011, it was free to download and play. One need to pay money for getting lives or move or favorable action. However one can play all level without spending a single penny.  It was started with few levels however now every week new levels are added to keep user addicted.
  3. Tetris : it was developed in 1984, and was hit for almost two decades ! It was available on gaming console, Computer, mobile device. this tile matching game was a rage in its prime time.
  4. Angry Birds : Released by Rovio entertainment in 2009 was instant hit. Angry birds did came out of game and became a brand. started with game angry bird reached to small animated videos to movies to gaming consoles.
  5. Super Mario : this game was developed by Nintendo in 1985, video game has a second name ‘Super Mario’. with computer spread this game reached to each and every household.

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