Oppo confirms redmi threatened ‘Realme’ to my existence

Realme to challenge Redmi

In the history of Indian mobile, first time a brand is operating with shadow. Oppo being unable to meet challenge put on by redmi has come with new name ‘realme’. Redmi in leadership of Manu jain has forced brands to rework on their midterm and long term strategy.

Realme to challenge Redmi
Realme to challenge Redmi
Realme1 launched on Amazon @ Rs. 8,990 

Redmi is number one smartphone brand in India followed by Samsung. Samsung is not in position to challenge redmi under 15k price segment. so it changed its strategy and focusing on 15k plus price range, where it is leading the pack. 15 to 25k price segment has been stronghold of Vivo, Oppo and Gionee but in changing scenario these brands are on verge of extinct.

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Vivo and Oppo aggressively worked on retailers acquisition. Retailers were pampered with sales counter, money for putting brand GSB (Glow sign board) and additional manpower on roll of brand. Above these, retailers were offered almost double the margin existing brands like Samsung was offering to retailers.

Retailers acquisition strategy worked effectively with both Oppo and Vivo. And soon it was joke that water is on 71% on earth and rest space is covered by Vivo and Oppo.

Redmi smartly worked here and they in leadership of Manu jain chose India to test water with new strategy. Redmi initially worked as online brand. It operated on thin margin and all price benefit was given to end user. so what Vivo and Oppo was offering market, redmi was able to offer handsets at 30-35% cheaper with same feature set.

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Redmi strategy worked tremendously and soon it become a craze in youth who research extensively before putting limited money to best use. Redmi always experienced demand and supply gap and  quantities offered in lacs in flash sale disappear in minutes.

In these circumstances Redmi gain market share rapidly and soon become number one smartphone brand in India. It dented Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and Gionee severely. Samsung changed startegy and worked on premium segment with elite class models S9, S8 plus Note 8 to consolidate overa all revenue.

However Vivo and Oppo couldn’t have even breathing space. Oppo and Vivo tried to cut retailer’s margin and perks offered by them. But it earned bad word of mouth publicity and undeclared boycott by retailers.

Oppo is first to blink eyes and changed gear. Oppo has come with new brand name ‘Realme’. Realme will be sub brand of Oppo and it will be ‘online’ only. First model being launch under Realme is Realme 1.

Realme prime target is to compete with redmi. It shall offer feature reach smartphones at price competitive to redmi phones.

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