Lava Z70, Z80, Z60, Z90 new models in Z series

Lava Z60

Lava is gearing up to take advantage of coming festival season. Lava launched premium Z series in April 2017. In April, Lava launched Z10 and Z25 in price range of 10k to 15k. Lava is Indian brand, and it is taking care of Grah n Nakshatra. Z10 and Z25 have launched in auspicious period of Navratre in April. It is again Navratre Time, and Lava is adding 4 models in premium segment Z60,Z70, Z80 and Z90.

Lava Z90
Lava Z90


In India, 40% of smart phones sale happens in 5-10K price range. Lava is ready to launch new model in its  portfolio in said price segment. Lava is ready with four models Lava Z60, lava Z70, Lava Z80 and Lava Z90.

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Lava Z60 and Z90 will be launched first, Followed by Z80 and Z90. Lava Z60 consumer price is rs. 5500. Lava Z70 consumer price is Rs. 8500. Lava Z80 consumer price is Rs. 9500 and Lava Z90 consumer price is rs. 10,500 in India.

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Lava Z60, Z70, Z80 will come in 5 inch screen display, while Lava Z90 display screen is 5.2 inch. Lava Z series each phone is equipped with fingerprint sensor. Z60, Z70, Z80 comes with 16 GB ROM, while Lava Z90 comes with 32 GB ROM. Z series will have minimum 1 GB Ram (Z60), Z70 and Z80 will exhibit 2 GB RAM , while Z90 will come with 3 GB RAM.

All lava phones will come with 2 years warranty. Selfie camera is minimum 5 MP in each phone, while it is 8 MP in Z90. Z90 will have dual rear camera 8+12 MP.

Lava z90 dual camera
Lava z90 dual camera


Vivo and Oppo launched their phones Vivo V7plus and Oppo A71 in shraadh, Pitrapaksh. Chinese brand has shown no respect to Indians tradition and value. Chinese are living with feeling of false supremacy and to very extent insulting Indian culture.

It should be noted that even brand like Apple has restricted pre-booking in Pitrapaksh. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus pre-booking will start in India in auspicious Navratre i.e. 22nd Sep 2017.

Lava being Indian brand, understand and value Indian culture most. Though new portfolio is ready with Lava, however official launch announcement will take place in Navratre.

Long live Indian culture and Lava too !

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