iPhone 6S Prices going to be slashed !

Consumers are advised not to buy iPhone 6S. There has been hardly ten days left when Apple shall reveal new model of iPhone. Market is full of news about looks and aesthetics of new model. However as per NDC (Non disclosure clause) signed by all Apple employees and severe post effect if broken, No one has spelt a single word so far.

Image Courtesy : Apple.com
Image Courtesy : Apple.com


It is open secret now that iPhone 6s was over priced specially in Indian subcontinent and it resulted in diminishing demand. To cover sales no. in last quarter of 2015, iPhone 6S was heavily discounted and Apple was able to manage decent numbers. Ironically it was first quarter of new model however last quarter of year. Impressed by sales nos. in Dec 2015, Apple once again increased price in Jan 2016, however sales nos was not as good as in dec 2015.

Apple was set aback and considering price factor launched a new variant in April 2016. It was first time iPhone was launched with little fanfare and almost no noise. Market also responded same way and there was no noise at all for this model. New model i.e. iPhone SE was super duper flop and unwanted by every one. All major retail chain say The Mobile store, Spice, Croma happily didn’t procure it.

September first half is time when Apple traditionally announce new model, watched by every phone lover and envied by competitors. However this time Apple team is double ( iPhone 6s and iPhone SE) cautious. As iPhone 6s was already launched at higher price, now new model whether it be iPhone 7S or iPhone 6SE, its price must be equal or less than launched price of iPhone 6S. In order to have a pricing matching to consumer buying capacity, iPhone 6S price drop is must.

All iPhone lovers who are willing to buy iPhone 6s, must delay at least for 10 days. However consumer need to be beware of sugar talks of shopkeeper , as per iPhone price protection policy, All retailers are covered for any loss occurring price  drop but consumer who bought it has to live with repent of non waiting for 10 more days.

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