Insight Analysis : iPhone 7 pricing in India and USA in INR

Apple has not introduced its initial model in India. It was considered that India and Indians can not afford such high premium product. However it is shocking to know that iPhone charging almost 40% high pricing in India than their counterpart customers in USA !

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On a model like iPhone7 32GB, you need to spend almost 43k if you are in USA, however if you want same product in India you need to spend 17,000 rupees more !. This gap increases with upgradation of model. and Top model that is iPhone7 plus 256 GB, in India one has to spend Rs. 27,000 more than their counter part in USA.

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Even custom officer post 16th Sep will be activated to iPhone7 Users. Those who has gone to abroad on tourist visa will be frisked and if iPhone7 or 7 Plus found in their possession they will be charged hefty custom duty. As bringing goods in India are permitted of lesser value than price of iPhone 7 32 GB.

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