Hotspots rebranded as Spice Hotspot

Hotspots retails limited mobile retail arm of BK modi group has re-branded as Spice Hotspot. Hotspot was one of the early name in branded retail chain and in North India is a household name. Mobile retailing in India and particularly in north India was started by BK Modi group.

Hotspot in North India and particulary in delhi is very strong. Sanjeev Mahajan CEO hotspot was under pressure to be on same name as group brand SPICE. However so far sanjeev mahajan could succeed in it. Here it is interesting to tell that BK Modi group has also Spice Handsets in market. They are selling really good nos. and now number 5 mobile brand in India. Sajeev was reluctant to change name to spice retail as it could give mindset to consumer that it is exclusive store of spice telecom. He has been succeed in his efforts has ‘Hotspot’ is now known as ‘Spice Hotspot’.

Re-branding has not been done over night, it has been done in phases so that consumer doesnt see ‘closed’ all over at same time. 3-4 stores in one area has been closed at a time and renovation and re-branding is done. Business has no impact on shifting to new brand name. In fact in some quarters business has been increases.

BK modi wanted to bring all group companies under umbrella ‘spice’. He has done that with other companies like in BPO and VAS. With hostpot rebranded as Spice Hotspot now Spice will have more visibility in market.

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