ColorOS 5.0 new User Interface by Oppo Electronics

ColorOS 5.0

Oppo electronics has come with latest user interface colorOS 5.0 based on Android oreo. Oppo has so far come with 6 UIs , ColorOS 1.0 was first one launched in Sep 2013. ColorOS 1.0 was followed by ColorOS 2.1, ColorOS 3.0, ColorOS 3.1, Color OS 3.2 and latest in series in ColorOS 5.0. Oppo has come its latest phone F7 with ColorOS 5.0

ColorOS 5.0
ColorOS 5.0

ColorOS 5.0 has work primarily on 5 aspects

  1. Design
  2. Full screen
  3. AI Album
  4. System
  5. Safety

Design : It comes with brand new design that is easy to catch your eyes. Colors are warm yet crisp also inviting soothing at the same time.Interface system has been given an innovative refresh from home page to app icons, and font size to background colors using light, color, texture, shape and animation.

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Full screen : It can accompany big screen through vastly improved navigation short cuts. Oppo ColorOS 5.0 has revolutionize simple gestures like swipe, flick, drag and tap for a true full screen experience.

The new Full Screen Multitasking can hold app icons or notification bubbles, in order to read and reply to messages without interrupting games or videos, as they go app-in-app.

AI Album : New user interface enable you to enhance your photographs even if you are novice in editing. It helps you to create perfect pictures with features including  beautification, auto-enhancement, filters etc.

New UI helps in find photos effortlessly , photo library can be sorted based on people, places, object, time etc.

colorOS 5.0
colorOS 5.0

It also comes with new memory feature which organizes intelligently photos and videos based on people, places, holidays, events, and etc., the Memories generates a Memory Video for you. You can edit the video further and make it more cinematic.

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AI photo management save precious memory by suggesting best photos and advising to delete rest based on clarity, blurring etc.

System : ColorOs 5.0 enables you to screen recording with a simple tap. It also helps in moving data from old phone including albums, contacts, apps to new phone quickly.

Safety : Powered with advanced AI recognition technology using 128 recognition points it identify your unique face and provide additional security.

ColorOS 5.0 comes with greater protection and put confidential files in a password protected Safe Box, hide selected apps from public view and safeguard information from third-party apps for greater security.


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