Chinese phones Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Gionee stealing your data

Indian Government has issued notice to Chinese phone makers for spying and stealing customer’s phones data. Vivo , Oppo, Xiaomi and Gionee handset makers are suspected to steal critical data and passwords.

Data stealing by chinese brands

India and China are facing cold war over Doklam issue. Indian army and Chinese army has taken tough stand. Chinese Government mouth piece Global Times has warned India for war consequences.

India till date has not responded neither take off it stand. Today, Rajnath singh , MHA minister has make it clear that India is ready for war and can go to any extent in this regard.

Chinese are known for its mischievous activities, they have banned world class services like Google, Facebook and whatsapp in their country. Instead of Google they used home grown search engine Baidu. Baidu is known for showing filtered and censored result to it users.

Whatsapp, messenger service is also not available in China. Instead of whatsapp they force their citizen to use ‘wechat’. China though claimed itself to be republic but is hardcore communist country.

China has also banned google powered chrome in its country. and it is replaced with UC browser. How made in china handset can steal consumer can be understood with Chinese statement when banned 4 popular services

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Whatsapp
  4. Chrome

China banned these claiming that these software companies are supporting their parent company and stealing critical data about china and Chinese users.

China has developed its own services which we already mentioned i.e. Baidu, Wechat, UC browser. Chinese government is notorious for spying its citizens. In this preview, Indian government concerns are understandable.

Chinese handsets come with host of pre-loaded applications like

Gallery, Theme park, Mood wallpaper, G store, Xender, True caller, Saavn etc. when you activate any of these service it asked for to allow access to your Photo, Contact list, GPS, camera, Mic etc. here is catch with these access it can get any information in handsets stored.

however it is not necessary to have per-installed application to steal data. It can be doe through Trojan. Trojan virus are one which are once installed remain inactive for a longer period. Trojan virus get activated at certain defined point of time or on remote acess activation. once activated , they start transferring crucial data from handset device to unknown server.

It has been noticed that user’s leaked data is being sold without knowledge of user in international market.

Chinese companies yet to reply on issue, however it is in national interest to avoid using and buying handset from these makers.

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