7 Reasons : Why Reliance Jio stopped Pre booking of Handsets

Reliance Jio has stopped pre-booking of its smart feature phone. First Reliance stopped pre-booking on its online app. Now Reliance Jio handsets pre-booking is discontinued in both mode online and offline (Retail outlets).

Reliance Jio Smart Feature phone

Retailers all over India has been given a prescribed format to book Jio feature phone.  They were supposed to capture necessary information like Adahar no., pincode, customer name along with Rs. 500 deposit.

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Speculations are that it is done due to overbooking of handsets in few days. Insiders sources has told Reliance has millions of handsets already in their warehouse . so handsets overbooking cannot be an issue.

Possible reason of stopping pre-booking are

  1. Supreme court has declared privacy as fundamental right. so taking Adhar no. and other user information can be against violation of user’s privacy.
  2. Handset is told to be free against Rs. 1500 security deposit. So question is on which account Rs. 500 is being taken as service or product cost. if it is againt service it will attract 18% GST, if product is being invoiced it will attract 12% GST.
  3. Reliance is known for saving money on petty issue, it cannot allow 6% going to government pocket on account of taxation entry.
  4. Shortage of handsets – widespread rumor is shortage of handsets against heavy pre-booking. It doesn’t look hold ground, as Reliance has instructed to stop taking Rs. 500 as handset booking. It still allows to take note of lead. Money shouldn’t be taken on the name of handset prebooking.
  5. Lesser Booking – As Millions of handsets are already lying in warehouse, Reliance has worried for lesser pre-booking. It didn’t create magic that was seen when Jio 4G SIM was launched. which ultimately resulted in cancellation of pre-boking.
  6. This project is personally supervised by Mukesh Ambani, he cannot afford to loose at whatever cost. Reliance is cash rich company. Mukesh Ambani can afford to distribute free handsets but will leave no stone upturned to make this project successful.
  7. It is believed that Reliance Jio is working on more affordable plan. It can either reduce handset price to rs. 500 or in Rs.1500 one year calling along with free data can be announced.

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