30 days money refund offer by Lava

Lava 30 days money refund offer

Lava is coming with new and innovative way to lure customers. Lava has come with ’30 days money refund offer’  called The Ultimate Money Back Challenge to customer . If a customer buy Lava handsets and wants to return it in 30 days, Lava will take back handset and will refund full money less handling charges roughly 15%

Lava mobile
Lava mobile

Lava has worked on its brand and product portfolio. It is first time in Indian mobile history, when a brand is offering full refund of money. Lava will not ask any question for returning handset, and customer will get money refund. ‘The Ultimate Money Back Challenge‘ offer will be applicable on feature phone as well as smart phones.

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Modus Operandi : For  The Ultimate Money Back Challenge, Customer has to buy handset from any channel. Channel can be online, offline, general trade, modern trade , LFR etc.  Customer is free to use handset as per wish n will. however if within 30 days of purchase, customer feel that handset is not made for each other, it can claim full refund of money less handling charges.

Handling Charges : handling charges is around 15% of handset cost, it is margin that Lava has already credited to retailer.

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Customer has to go to service center for refund. Service center will check condition of handset i.e. physical damage or water damage. In case of physical damage or water damage this offer will be null and void. Otherwise, customer is eligible full refund of amount. Customer should have bill of handset and all ‘in the box’ content.

lava is bullish in festive season, after launching two years warranty it is again industry first by Lava.

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Lava 2 year warranty


Lava has announced ’30 days money refund offer’ on all Smartphone named A52, A44, A77, A 97, A97 IPS, A 97 2GB, A97 2GB+, Z10, Z10 3 GB, Z25, Z60, Z70, Z80 and Z90. 30 days money refund offer will also be applicable on feature phone portfolio which includes Captain N1, Arc 105, Captain K1+, ARC 101, ARC ONE+, KKT Pearl, KKT 34 Power, KKT40 power+ and Spark I7.


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