Day: May 14, 2017

Samsung Z 4: Review, Specifications and Price in India

Samsung has launched new phone in Z series. Z series operates on Tizen operating system. Samsung announced 4.5 inch Z 4 mobile handsets. Samsung is yet to announce price officially, its price will be 570 in India. It is based

Oppo Mobile handsets latest price List

Oppo control end user price by MOP ( Market Operating price). Oppo ensures retailers sell at prescribe and approve price. Oppo does mystery audit and restrict retailers who are violating Oppo advisory pricing. Oppo currently offering 5 smart phones in

Vivo Mobiles latest price list

Vivo controls consumer price by dictating end user price. It is also called MOP ( Market Operating Price). Vivo does mystery audit and penalized retailers who are selling below MOP. However retailers are allowed to sell above MOP. It should