Day: August 30, 2016

Import Export 2016-17

Gold Import by India from Switzerland : 5 years comparative Study

India as a nation is gold loving country, It wont be wrong to say after GOD it is Gold that is most sought after in India. India Imports gold from around 40 countries but major contribution comes from Switzerland. Switzerland

India Gold Import : Insight Analysis for 2015-16

Analysis of gold Import done by India in financial year 2015-16. India Imported Gold worth Rs. 2,07,410 crores. India import gold from 45 countries that included even Fiji, Morocco, Virgin Island, Botswana, Turkey other than god hub countries like Switzerland,

Import Export 2016-17

Top 10 commodities exported by India

India exported various commodities, however top 10 commodities exported by India constitute 60% of total export. chart is top by. NATURAL OR CULTURED PEARLS,PRECIOUS OR SEMIPRECIOUS STONES,PRE.METALS,CLAD WITH PRE.METAL AND ARTCLS THEREOF;IMIT.JEWLRY;COIN. MINERAL FUELS, MINERAL OILS AND PRODUCTS OF THEIR