Xiaomi Mi Max 2 : 7 Reasons that led it to failure


Xiaomi tested failure in India with launch of Mi Max 2 4GB Model.  Manu Jain launched Mi Max 2  in July 2017. Xiaomi was riding high on success of Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 4. So far, Xiaomi had been successful in entry level smart phone around 10k price segment.

Mi Max 2 4GB
Mi Max 2 4GB

Xiaomi started as an online brand in India and worldwide. Its mantra was to provide feature enrich handsets at minimum price to end user. when this model started fading worldwide, Mi Indian MD Manu Jain explored offline mode.

It has hand picked n chosen retailer for Xiaomi handset placement. It strategy was successful. Retailers made a bee line to partner with Xiaomi.

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This partnership reached to new level with launch of Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4 and Redmi 4 handsets. At this point, Manu Jain introduced Mi Max 2 in India. It couldn’t attract loyal customer of Xiaomi at Price point of 17000.

7 Reasons of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 failure

  1. 15k plus price segment is stranger for Xiaomi as it is known for ‘Value for Money’ handsets.
  2. 6.44 inch screen size entered it into Phablet category, and Rs. 17,000 for Tablet is too high.
  3. 6.44 Inch is pocket unfriendly and took away all bike riders from this handset.
  4. If bike rider couldn’t pocket it, than one riding in car can definitely afford better handset with more features.
  5. Selfie camera – It came with 5 Mp selfie camera, when selfie is rage in youth. Even Xiaomi Team look realized this mistake , as they didn’t feature camera details in key specifications of Mi Max 2 on their portal.
Mi Max 2 4Gb

6. It is not a phone but a tablet. This was notion when consumer tried hand on it. Xiaomi launched a tablet but called it a phone !

7. Better option in this price – 15 to 20k Price Range has very good handsets by competition like Oppo F3, Oppo f1s, Samsung J7 Max, Vivo V5S, Vivo V3 Max, Gionee A1, Gionee A1 Lite. All these handsets are better in configuration and with amazing selfie camera.

USP of Mi Max 2 : Xiaomi was bargaining on

  1. 5300 mAh battery, highest in this segment till date
  2. Full Metal Unibody
  3. 6.44 inch Immersive display
  4. 4GB Ram and 64 GB ROM

However at the end of the day, Mi Max 2 USPs couldn’t generate enough curiosity to make user spend their hard earned money.

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