Union Budget 2011-2012

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Pranab mukherjee shall represnt and put union budget for 2011 – 2012 in parliament.

To quickly revert to the high GDP growth path of 9 per cent and then find the
means to cross the ‘double digit growth barrier’.
To harness economic growth to consolidate the recent gains in making development
more inclusive.
To address the weaknesses in government systems, structures and institutions at
different levels of governance.
India among the first few countries in the world to implement a broad-based
counter-cyclic policy package to respond to the negative fallout of the global
The Advance Estimates for Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for 2009-10
pegged at 7.2 per cent. The final figure expected to be higher when the third and
fourth quarter GDP estimates for 2009-10 become available.
The growth rate in manufacturing sector in December 2009 was 18.5 per cent – the
highest in the past two decades.
A major concern during the second half of 2009-10 has been the emergence of
double digit food inflation. Government has set in motion steps, in consultation
with the State Chief Ministers, which should bring down the inflation in the next
few months and ensure that there is better management of food security in the
Fiscal Consolidation
With recovery taking root, there is a need to review public spending, mobilise
resources and gear them towards building the productivity of the economy.
Fiscal policy shaped with reference to the recommendations of the Thirteenth
Finance Commission, which has recommended a calibrated exit strategy from the
expansionary fiscal stance of last two years.
It would be for the first time that the Government would target an explicit reduction
in its domestic public debt-GDP ratio.

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