Rio Olympics 2016 Day 2: Indian women archers bow out in QF

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Indian women team comprising Deepika Kumari, Laxmirani majhi and Bombayla devi laishram is taking on opponent Russia in quarter final.

Quarter final will have 4 sets, of two round. winner shall head to semifinal and will be live in medal race.

Face  off – First Russian archer started with perfect 10, India just could manage 7. second archer of Russia scored 6 and Indian 8. still russia leading 16/15. Final Bow to Deepika kumari, only perfect 10 could keep India in competition. it was eight, Russian headed for semifinal.

Set IV  – Russians girls started first round, started to a good show with 28 in first round. Poor start by India in first round, first round is to Russia 28/24. Second Round, Russian girls scored 55, It means if India shooters score all perfect ten even then set will go to Russia. set To Russia 55/33. India did scored two perfect 10 and a 9 under pressure. India is still live in event.

Set III – Indians girls doing well under pressure, this experienced team is up to something. thirst set is going to be interesting now. Russians started first round with 27 points. Indian girls could not hold nerve and put a mere 24 in first round. second round started by Russians scored a total 50. India is very much in game right now. India won third set 53/50. look set for semi final berth. kudos.

Set II – poor start in first round, India scored 24. Russians are on it leading first round 27 vs 24. India put every thing they has scored 53 in first set. Inspired India did well won second test 53/52.

Set I – Russian did very well and scored 55, while India  scored 48, first set to Russia.India has to do extremly well to keep their hope alive in this event.


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