Rinka Rajput’s Canary care launched Stay lean Herbal product

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Rinka Rajput is certified fitness trainer and independent consultant. She has done fitness program PFTC from Mumbai university along with FAI from UK. Rinka is founder of Canary care and launched first product ‘Stay Lean’.

Rinka rajput stay lean
Rinka rajput stay lean

Stay lean is Ayurveda product with modern research and provides advanced natural slimming formula. It primarily uses Garcinia cambogia herb which is known for reducing weight by suppressing calories and prevent calories being stored as fats. Rinka Rajput points out it is traditionally used in her family for many generation. She joined B. Pharma at DIT which helped her to met Ayurveda with modern research.

Canary Care Stay Lean
Canary Care Stay Lean

Rinka rajput narrated certain enzymes slow down metabolism resulting in laziness and then calories get stored as fat. Here comes role of stay lean which blocks production of enzymes and calories are converted in to glycogen and not FAT.

Rinka Rajput
Rinka Rajput

Charity begins at home, Rinka Rajput is founder as well as brand ambassador of Stay lean which comes in package of 60 capsules pack and can be ordered from The canary care.

Rinka rajput has decoded formula of Stay lean, it is made up of garcinia cambogia, Camellia sinensis, Piper nigrum, Pipper longum, Zingiber officinalis, Embelica officinalis, Terminelia bellerica and Terminelia  chebula. It is suggested to take 1/2 capsules per day or as advised by physician.

Rinka informs stay lean product is available exclusively on thecanarycare.com however soon it will be available on online portals. Till then one can order it from official website.

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Rinka is working to make it success not only in India but also in middle east and east Asia. She has been to Dubai for promotion and business discussions and next in line are Malaysia and Singapore.

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Source : Personal interview and Canary care

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