Review of ROG ARES II Dual HD 7970 GPUs and Hybrid Air/Water Cooling Design

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Asus has recently come with republic of games for exclusive smartphone. Asus ROG smartphone is best in class till date and has been rage by now. It is ASUS exclusive innovation and comes with dual HD 7970 GPUs and hybrid air/water cooling system ROG ARES II.

  1. It comes with hybrid dual cooling design air and water for heat dissipation. Through dual hybrid cooling design it provides cooling equivalent to 600w.
  2. It is first graphics card till date which provide 13% extra performance over GTX 690 with a 31 degree temperature.
  3. To provide digital control over enhance performance DIGI+ VRM comes with superior quality 20-phase super alloy power technology.
  4. GPU Tweak changes clock speed with intuitive setting along with voltage and fan performance.

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7970 GPU

To provide a powerful graphics card ROG ARES II comes with RadeonTM HD 7970 GHz Edition GPUs and a large 6GB GDDR5.  Extreme speed graphics card and hybrid air/water cooling designed to provide superior stability.

It is necessary to provide accurate power supply and graphics performance it uses DIGI+ VRM and super-alloy power components.

It is extremely effective and give 13% better performance than GTX 690 and 130% higher than HD7970. with 6GB DDR5 video memory it provides high -count updates rates and with Dual HD 7970 GPU it haas fastest graphics till date.

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Hybrid Air/water cooling System : It cools dual GPU with dedicated water cooled equipment and uses dust-proof fans to dissipate the heat. If it is to be compare with public version of GTX 690 than it is world’s latest faster card with a thermal performance of 31 degree Celsius.

DIGI+ VRM with 20 phase super alloy power technology : ARES II is built in 20 phase power supply design. DIGI and VRM digital voltage regulation design increase accuracy of overclocking capabilities with super alloy power capacitors, inductors, and MOSFETs.

Video card and GPU card Function

  • Equipped with AMD RadeonTM HD 7970 GHz Edition
  • uses 28nm GPU
  • uses PCI express 3.0
  • Support DirectX11
  • Support crossFire X
  • Compatible with Microsoft windows 8
  • Uses AMD HD3D technology

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