Reliance Jio Forced Airtel for price cut

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what reliance Jio free sim and data/voice/ SMS offer couldn’t do is now being done. As soon as reliance offered tariff April onward, restlessness can bee seen in Idea, Vodafone and Airtel.

It will be good for consumers at the end of the day, however a comparison is needed to understand it better.

Reliance Jio 303 and Airtel 349 , both offer unlimited free Local/ STD/ Voice / Data /SMS to all operators. Data in Reliance Jio is unlimited while Airtel 349 offer 28 GB data. However data @4G/3G is 28 GB in both offers. both offers 1 GB adat every day, however there is a catch in Airtel offer, Airtel offer .5GB data in day time and rest of .5Gb data can be used 3AM to 5 Am only. while there is no such catch in Reliance jio 303 offer. Both offer this facility for 28 days.

In order to curb Reliance 303, Airtel has come with two plans Airtel 303 and Airtel 549. in Airtel 549 data cost per GB is 19.61 as against Rs. 10.82 offered by Reliance jio.

Airtel has also introduced Airtel 799, however comparing to Reliance Jio 499 it will have less benefits to the tune of Rs. 3501.

last couple of year, surge in price was noticed. It was blamed to higher auction price. All three big players naming Airtel, Vodafone and Idea was in sync. Price rise by one was supported and followed by another. in whole scenario end user was at receiving end. suddenly, per user charges has gone up remarkably.

Indian economy has been in good shape with price control. inflation is registered lowest continuously. still it was not understandable why pricing was going up.

Reliance Jio entry has been relief for consumer who was puppet with cartel of Idea, Vodafone and Airtel.

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