Rahul Gandhi : Me aplogizing on behalf of Congress party

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Dear Rahul Gandhi – I apologize on behalf of  congress, Congress has different stand on Lokpal on different days. like on 16th Aug they arrested Anna.
Congress was preparing media brief for every day. Every one was looking at you. you used to go to villages, lived in their houses, spent night with them. so we started believing that you understand poor and their problem.
Finally Sonia Mummy allowed you to speak, a day before MR. PM Manmohan singh has appealed to Anna to break fast has government was mostly agree with proposed bill.
It was pleased to see Bhai-Bahan in parliament next day. I believe Anna too have looked at you with hope of finally breaking fast and so does all Indian people. we glued to TV set like nothing and then your speech started.


Whole congress party was shocked. Every body know that you are only good in reading, you have a tight hand in speaking your own voice. Now no speech was ready.

Latest speech readied was already spoken by Manmohan uncle a day before showing sympathy and positiveness with Anna and Party. On short notice new speech was readied.BUT, BUT unfortunately you were handed over two days old speech… ohh gosh… I apologize on behalf of congress.  what could have been golden opportunity was turned in nightmare.

Believe me Priyanka Gandhi is very intelligent. She got mistake and rushed from parliament. How come a sister see her brother doing blunders in front of parliament and all nation.

Rahul please dont fire kapil, chidambaram and Digvijay for all mess. Congress still need three famous monkey of Gandhi ji. One can not hear any thing, one can not see, one can not speak.

Well from heart, I wish Sonia Gandhi to faster recovery. God bless mercy on her.


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