Protest against Rape and Government

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Dear Government

I have a great faith in democratic system and values. We have voted for you and have been ready for erratic decision. In last few years you have shown apathy to public movement and behaved above constitution and public opinion. Issues that matters most for us were non-issues for you so it be Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, or Arvind Kejriwal.

However you have crossed limit in killing protest in support of rape victim. When you have had a chance to take corrective measures, you did everything to kill and sabotage movement. You may have succeeded for time being however this is, how soul of nation is killed.

Now for sure government is not deaf and dumb, but they know how to shut a crowd so it be unfortunate death of a police constable which was attended by line up bureaucrats and politicians and death of victim which was done before India could awake.

Try to be human and stop propagating thing in you favor always, all circumstances may ne be in your favor, however you could act in a way to assure that you CARE for us.


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