Oraimo accessories specifications and Price list

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Oraimo is accessories brand by Transsion holding along with Itel, Tecno, Infinix and Spice. It comes with fashionable and stylish accessories at most affordable prices. Oriamo offers powerbank, Audi devices, Cable, wearable devices, memory cards and Protective cases. It has braided cable, BT receiver, Metallic earphones in its portfolio.

Oraimo earphone necklace
Oraimo earphone necklace

Oraimo accessories complete portfolio with key specifications and prices.

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Oraimo accessories price list

Retail Price List – July’2018
Sl. Category Model Product Description Price MRP Color Available Specifications
1 Memory Card SD-16G oraimo micro-sd 16gb card 656 ? 999 Black Memory Card oraimo SD-16G with packing IN
2 Memory Card SD-32G oraimo micro-sd 32gb card 975 ? 1,499 Black Memory Card oraimo SD-32G with packing IN
3 Battery BL-5CAR oraimo Battery 5CAR, 1150mAh 245 ? 349 Green oraimo 5CAR, 1150mAh High Capacity Battery
4 Battery OBL-BL-25BI oraimo Battery OBL-BL-25BI 2500mAh 357 ? 749 Green oraimo OBL-BL-25BI 2500mAh High Capacity Battery
5 Battery OBL-IL-4C oraimo Battery OBL-IL-4C 850mAh 210 ? 399 Green oraimo OBL-IL-4C 850mAh High Capacity Battery
6 Battery OBL-Y-5360 oraimo Battery OBL-Y-5360 1080mAh 236 ? 499 Green oraimo OBL-Y-5360 1080mAh High Capacity Battery
7 Battery OBL-IL-700 oraimo Battery OBL-IL-700 850mAh 206 ? 399 Green oraimo OBL-IL-700 850mAh High Capacity Battery
8 Fitband
OFB-10 oraimo Fitband OFB-10 Tempo 1229 ? 1,499 Black Shake to Photograph, Sleep Monitoring, Message-Call reminders, Lift Wrist View, Reminders to Move, Step-Distance-Calories,
Battery up to 7 days, Time Display, Alarm Clock. IP67 Splash resistant
9 Selfie Stick OSS-CA01 Selfie stick oraimo OSS CA01 black IN 299 ? 399 Black Plug and Shoot, Tiny and Lightweight, Highly Adjustable, Enhanced Grip
10 Led Flash OSL-SC01 oraimo Selfie Light OSL SC01 white IN 477 ? 599 White 3 Light Modes, Long lasting, One Fits All, Compact Design
11 Arm Band OSP-BA01 armlet oraimo OSP BA01 black IN 299 ? 399 Black Transparent TPU Cover, Quality Material, Earphone Holes, Key Pocket
12 Cable OCD-M102 oraimo Cable OCD-M102 172 ? 249 White Micro USB, Length 1M, Output 2A, Fast Charging, Gold Plated, Unrivalled Durability
13 Cable CD-D2CR oraimo Cable CD-D2CR 222 ? 399 Black 2 in 1(Android + Apple) Flat Cable, Length 1m, Output 2A
14 Cable OCD-L101 oraimo Cable OCD-L101 Starry 252 ? 299 Silver Lightening Port, Gold Plated Plug, Tangle Free, Fast Charging, Crystal Design, Ultra Strength, Length: 1m
15 Cable OCD-M201 oraimo Cable OCD-M201 190 ? 299 Black Android Cable, Output 2A, Length 2M
16 Cable OCD-D101 oraimo Cable OCD-D101 261 ? 349 Black 2 in 1 Cable(Android + Apple), Output 2.1A, Length 1m
17 Cable OCD-D102 oraimo Cable OCD-D102 280 ? 399 Black 2 in 1 Cable (Micro USB + Type C), Output 2.1A, Length 1m, Efficient Charging, Fast Syncing, Longer Lifespan
18 Cable OCD-M104 oraimo Cable OCD-M104 259 ? 299 Black Micro USB, Braided, 1000kg unbreakable cable
19 Cable OCD-M021 oraimo Cable OCD-M021 200 ? 299 Brown Micro USB, Key Ring Cable, Fast Charging, Data Transmission, Key Slot
20 Cable OCD-M101 oraimo Cable OCD-M101 277 ? 399 Silver Micro USB, Length 1M, Output 2A, Metal Material
21 Cable OCD-X101 oraimo Cable OCD-X101 Triplet 403 ? 549 Black Lightning/Micro USB/Type C, 3 In 1 Universal Cable, Efficient Charging, Tangle Free, Ultra Strength, Output 2A, Length 1.2M
22 Cable CD-52BR oraimo Cable CD 52BR 2A 1m Black IND 122 ? 199 Black Length:1M Output:2A, Micro USB
23 Cable CD-52FR oraimo Cable CD 52FR 2A 2m Black IND 312 ? 499 Black type: 5pin, Length: 2m, Output: 5V/2A, Cable: Nylon braid cord
24 Cable CD-D2BR oraimo Cable CD D2BR Black India 398 ? 599 Black type: 2 in 1, Cable: Flat cable, Length: 1m, Output: 5V/2A
25 Cable CD-D2BR oraimo Cable CD D2BR White India 398 ? 599 White type: 2 in 1, Cable: Flat cable, Length: 1m, Output: 5V/2A
26 Cable CD-C3AR oraimo Cable CD C3AR Grey India 322 ? 399 Grey type: Type-C, Length: 1m, Material: TPE, Leather belt, output: 5V/2.1A
27 Cable CD-C3AR oraimo Cable CD C3AR White India 322 ? 399 White type: Type-C, Length: 1m, Material: TPE, Leather belt, output: 5V/2.1A
28 Cable CD-D2ZR oraimo Cable CD D2ZR White India 298 ? 349 White 2 in 1, Output:1.8~2A, Scalable to 1m, Flat cable
29 Car Holder OCM-MH01 car bracket oraimo OCM MH01 black IN 458 ? 599 Black Full-Automatic Car Vent Mount, One-Step Operation, 360-Degree Rotation, Wide Compatibility
30 Car Charger OCC-31D oraimo Car Charger OCC-31D 292 ? 399 Black Dual Output, Multi-protect Safety System, Fast Charging, LED Light
31 Car Charger OCC-71D oraimo Car Charger OCC-71D Rocket 698 ? 999 Grey Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Smart Fast Charging, Dual Output, Multi-protect Safety System.
32 Charger CU-50GI oraimo Charger IND USB CU 50GI 207 ? 249 Black Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 200mA Output:5.0V 1.0A
33 Charger CL-45HI oraimo Charger IND With cable CL 45HI 214 ? 249 Black Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 200mA Output:5.0V 500mA
34 Charger OCW-I61D oraimo Charger OCW-I61D 355 ? 599 White Charger  USB OCW-61D, Output  2A,  Ports – 2USB, Led
35 Earphone EW-31AR oraimo Earphone EW 31AR IND 162 ? 249 Black Loud speaker, Super bass
36 Earphone EW-31AR plus oraimo Earphone EW 31AR Plus Black IND 184 ? 299 Black Frequency Response: 20~10K Hz, Impedance: 32?, Form Factor: Earbuds, Sensitivity: 102±2db, Cable Length: 1.2m, Plug Type: 3.5mm
37 Earphone OEP-E35 oraimo Earphone OEP-E35 Drumbeat 665 ? 799 Black Powerful Bass, Superior Finish, All-day comfort, Single Button control, Length 1.2m
38 Earphone OEP-E33 oraimo Earphone OEP-E33 Metallic 464 ? 499 Black Earphone Metallic Subwoofer With Mic, Deep Bass, Metal Craft, Length 1.2m
39 Earphone OEP-E23 oraimo Earphone OEP-E23 Vortex 330 ? 449 Black Pure/Extra Bass, Sleek Finish, Wear Resistant, Remote Control
40 Earphone OEP-E22 oraimo Earphone OEP-E22 312 ? 349 Black Extra   Bass, Single-button Remote, Bright Treble, Comfortable Fit
41 Earphone OEP-E21 oraimo Earphone OEP-E21 Halo 250 ? 249 Black and White Half-In Earphone,  Extra Bass, HD Sound, Remote Control, Ergonomic Ear-tips
42 Bluetooth OEB-E54D oraimo Bluetooth OEB-E54D Necklace 2279 ? 3,499 Black Neckband Design, HD Voice, Magnetic Buds, Volume Control, 200hrs Standby, BT 4.1, Both Year, Talk Time 8 hrs, Music Playing Time 8 hrs
43 Bluetooth OEB-E53D oraimo Bluetooth OEB-E53D Wings 1574 ? 1,999 Black 200hrs Standby, HD Voice, Premium Chip, One-button Design, BT 4.1, Both Year, Talk Time 6 hrs, Music Playing Time 5 hrs
44 Bluetooth OEB-E35S oraimo Bluetooth OEB-E35S Elite 950 ? 999 Black 240 Hours of Standby, HD Voice, Ultimate   Comfort, Easy To Use, Music Playing Time: 5.5 hours, Talk Time: 6 hours
45 Bluetooth OEB-E31S oraimo Bluetooth OEB-E31S Dark Knight 683 ? 799 Black MOVEABLE EARPIECE, Super-long Standby, Premium Chip, Moveable Earpiece, Volume Control, BT version: V4.1
46 Bluetooth OCM-BR10 oraimo Bluetooth OCM-BR10 Portal 819 ? 999 Black Bluetooth Audio Receiver, Make phone and Headphone wireless, Get Bluetooth in Car,
upto 11 hrs of music playing time, BT v4.2, Can be connected with 2 devices
47 Bluetooth
OBS-32S oraimo Bluetooth Speaker OBS-32S Play 1119 ? 1,499 Grey Portable Fabric Wireless Speaker, Portable Design, Fabric Style, Impressive Bass, TF Card Support, Music Playing Time: 4 hours.
47 Bluetooth
OBS-51D oraimo Bluetooth Speaker OBS-51D Rocker 1464 ? 1,999 Grey Surprisingly Big Sound, Impressive Bass, Big Sound, TF Card Support, Light Show, Music Playing Time: 6 hours
48 Power Bank OPB-B441S oraimo Power Bank OPB-B441S Cobble 809 ? 899 White Li-Ion 4400MAH, Pocket Size, LED Light, Multi-Protection
49 Power Bank OPB-P501S oraimo Power Bank OPB-P501A Blade 1320 ? 1,999 Black 5000 mAh polymer, Ultra Slim Metal Power Bank.
50 Power Bank PB-60AR oraimo Power Bank PB-60AR 1034 ? 1,199 Black & White Li-Ion 6000mah; 2 USB, 2A Output, LED torch
51 Power Bank OPB-P102D oraimo Power Bank OPB-P102D Gorilla 1464 ? 1,999 Black Li-ion 10000 mAh ,Sleek Design, Dual Output, Fast Charging, Multi-protect
52 Power Bank OPB-P103D oraimo Power Bank OPB-P103D 1637 ? 2,299 Black & White Li-Polymer 10000 mAh, Ultra Slim, Dual Output, Fast Charging, Multi-protection
53 Power Bank OPB P201D oraimo Power Bank OPB-P201D Titan 2759 ? 3,999 White Li-Polymer 20000 mAh Max Power, Dual Output   Ultra-High Capacity     2.1A Fast Charging
54 Tempered PT-U5AR oraimo Tempered glass LC PT U5AR IN 114 ? 249 Transparent 9H Hardness, Transparent
55 Tempered LC TETP-I31 Tecno  i3/i3 Pro tempered glass 126 ? 299 Transparent Tecno i3/i3 Pro Tempered Glass
56 Case Pouch 1.8 Mobile Pouch 1.8″ 60 ? 99 Black Mobile pu leather pouch oraimo black 1.8inch
57 Case Pouch 2.4 Mobile Pouch 2.4″ 60 ? 99 Black Mobile pu leather pouch oraimo black 2.4inch
58 Case TEPC I31 Tecno i3/i3 Pro Back Case TEPC-I31 277 ? 299 Red Tecno i3/i3 Pro Printed Case Red colour
59 Case TEPC I32 Tecno i3/i3 Pro Back Case TEPC-I32 277 ? 299 Black Tecno i3/i3 Pro Printed Case Black colour
60 TPU CT-I7AR oraimo TPU case CT I7AR transparent IN 182 ? 499 Transparent Transparent TPU


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