Mobile or Bomb in your hand – Radiation Level


Life without mobiles can not be imagined. It is either in every body pocket or hand. Mobile handsets emits radiations, a section of scientist admits that radiation emerging from mobile towers and mobile handsets can have severe impact on human cell. Lets check whether you own a Mobile or Bomb.

Mobile or Bomb
Mobile or Bomb

Radiation level in mobile handsets is represented by SAR value. It is advocated that if phone radiation level is below 1.6 W/kg then it is in safer limits.

Question :How to know SAR value or radiation level of your mobile phones?

Answer : SAR value or radiation level is not exhibited prominently by handset maker. It is in detailed feature booklet provided. Moreover it is in font size of 2 or 3 that make it difficult to read.

Question : Can one know knows SAR value without opening booklet ?

Answer : Yes

Question : How ?

Answer : If one is using Smart phone then dial   *#07# , it will pop us SAR value or say radiation level.

Just check now : Dial *#07#

Question : Do handset makers know that SAR value is important ?

Answer : Yes they are very well aware. So when they are able to control it in specified level they make sure to vouch for it. For example Honor 8 lite SAR value is just 0.76 w/kg, and it is one of the USP / key selling feature for this handset.

Question : what is SAR value of iPhone 7 and 7 plus

Answer : SAR values of  iPhone 7 and 7 plus are1.38W/kg and 1.24W/kg respectively.

Question: SAR value of Samsung S8 and S8 plus ?

Answer : SAR value of S8 and  S8 plus is 1.53 w/kg and 0.97 w/kg respectively

Question : Should we not used a phone with SAR value above 1.68

Answer : No, Never.

It is advisable not to use mobile phones with SAR level above 1.6 w/kg. Scientists advocate that SAR value above mentioned level can cause harmful disease such as cancer.


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