MIUI 10 Critical review and detailed analysis

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Mi has introduced new user interface based on Android Oreo. MIUI 10 is latest UI by brand Mi. Mi8 and Mi 8 explorer edition will be first one to equip with this UI.MIUI 10 is futuristic interface and has been design considering with full screen phone due to launch.


MIUI comes in refreshing design, comprehensive screen was core of the design and gestures added to the era of full screen. MIUI 10 abandon all visual elements that may break integrity of overall screen. It is designed to match with vision of full screen mobile phone.


MIUI 10 comes with new sound management experience. It has been analyzed that in smartphone era a user gets 236 notifications per day. Notifications are disturbing and annoying, MIUI 10 take care of it and reduce & restrict useless sound by 76%. Also, it comes with natural sound elements such as wood, sand, and water to create system notification sounds and interface sounds for pleasantry hearing experience.

MIUI 10 comes with new voice assistant ‘classmate’. Classmate is not only voice assistant but also equipped at various entrances of system applications and helps to replace complex manual operations with voice.

MiUi 10 screen
MiUi 10 screen

Driving mode : In driving mode AI Ai took over the mobile phone, voice became the new operation interface, coordinated service and content, provided penetrating touch and reached hands completely. It is most typical application scenario for voice input.

MIUI10 comes with faster application start up speed. Based on AI learning, MIUI10 pre-judges the application to be used and preloads the background in advance, achieving a zero-second instant start.

AI Image processing and Optimization : Based on the AI algorithm single-focus background blur technology, a single camera phone can shoot double-focus background blur effect or say AI single shot bokeh. MIUI10 uses AI technology to enlarge the image size, and automatically make up the image details to make the image browsing more clear.

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MIUI 10 automaatically detect more open devices. with this UI connecting smart devices is easy and simple, and operating and using smart devices is faster and more efficient.When the mobile phone discovers that there are smart devices that can be connected in the vicinity, MIUI 10 without opening the application and instantly connects the device. It connects to bedside lamp, air purifier, Camera, sweeping robot, infrared remote control and air conditioning.

MIUI supports the coexistence of two user identities and enters them with different passwords and fingerprints. Applications and data between all identities are completely isolated and encrypted.

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