Kingfisher Airlines Q3 losses rise to Rs. 444 crore

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Kingfisher airlines q3 loss rises to rs. 444 crore. Internet social websites has been flooded with jokes on this. few of them are listed here.

1. Where did Rs 444 cr go; 4 cr for kingfisher calendar; 40 cr for Deepika’s flat; 400 cr for the ego of acquiring Deccan; balls to banks”

2. kingfisher posted a loss of Rs 444 crores yesterday, and still its shares are up by 1.5%. I am confused

3. Dr. Manmohan Singh PM of India said ‘Kapil Sibal ji has found out that Kingfisher Airlines had erred in calculating the Q3 loss: It’s not Rs 444 crore but Zero loss’

4.once upon a time there was a king of good times!

5. Q3 loss rises to Rs. 444 cr. No wonder they sponsor this F1 team called 4s India.

7. Airlines Q3 loss rises to Rs. 444 cr. Keeping Deepika as a GF was too expensive.

8. Airlines Q3 loss fallout: Deepika dumps Sid. Mallya after he asks her to pick dinner date tab

9. Airlines Q3 loss Rs 444 so Vijay Mallya to Siddharth: you look after KFA I will hanle all this United Spirit, IPL, Calendar  & Deepika

10. Breaking news : Salman Khurshid claims that Deepika Padukone cried when she hear  Airlines Q3 loss is Rs 444, Digvijay Raja denied such thing!

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