Invited for new Apple iPhone launch event ?

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Apple is going to reveal new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus or iPhone SE on 7th September 2016. Invitation has been sent to selected media house and privileged few users. Even will take place in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium . Apple as usual has kept mum on event schedule or activity and just said ‘JOIN’ . However whole world now knows it is for launch of new iPhone 7.

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Going by tradition followed by Apple since first handset launched, new iPhone shall be revealed on 10.47, Pre-booking will start on 9th Sep and in US delivery will happen from 16th Sep 2016.

we have already advised on 30th aug for possible price Drop in iPhone 6S  on account of new model. click here

It is widely believe that iPhone 7 will have all features different than iPhone 6 or 6S and biggest will be removal of internationally accepted 3mm jack for enjoying music. Tim cook has burden of heavy expectations after debacle of iPhone 6S and 6S plus.

As innovation is whenever you come to know about it, irrespective of when it was actually done, so whatever change iPhone 7 will introduced it is going to be ‘Apple is first..’ and ‘that only Apple can deliver…’ chants again n again.

It is also believed that iPhone will not be only product to be introduced but also Apple watch. Apple is struggling big time in its Vertical.

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