Google Launched latest version of Android – Oreo


Google has launched latest version of Android, Android 8.0 named Oreo. Indian Retail Sector has announced this in May 2017 itself. Google adding new Dessert in family – Oreo  

Google has launched game changing features with Oreo. Initially Oreo will be available for  Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or Pixel C mobile handsets only. Good told that more handsets can be added by year end.


Salient Features of Oreo

  1. it is 2 time faster than earlier version Nougat. it helps to perform task with the 2X boot speed.
  2. Oreo minimize background activity in the apps used least.
  3. Auto fill – it can auto fill login id and password with user’s permission into apps at supersonic speed.
  4. Picture in Picture – Allow you to use and see two apps at once, It can be compared with having super strength with laser vision.
  5. Notification Dots : It allows to quickly see new notifications and clear them with swipe away.
  6. Google Play Protect – scan 50 billion apps every day to protect from malicious app on google store
  7. Battery Saver : it saves battery while talking, playing, streaming or working. one can expect more from battery.
  8. Emoji : Emoji has been redefined and 60 new emoji has been included to express yourself in more ways.
Oreo Emoji
Oreo Emoji


It is neither Bird No Plan – This is new Android Oreo

Other new features in Oreo

Wifi Assistant : It connect to best and high quality open wifi and secure your phone with a VPN back to Google.

Tool tips : It pop up small window with descriptive text for view and menus.

Text View autosizing : it can optimize text depending on different platform say tablet or mobile based on screen size with dynamic content.

Pointer Capture : Pointer capture allow user to capture all mouse input.

Integrating Printing Support : Oreo is compatible with Mopria-certified printers. it includes 97% printers sold worldwide.


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