Delhi Goverment budget for 2010 – 2011

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Delhi government has acted in cynical way. every thing AK Walia has touched has become costlier. And it has been done on the name of that recession is over !!! If recession is over then tax collection in every head is to go up. so the revenue f the government. All the good work done by union finance minister Mr. Pranab mukherjee has been taken away by Mr. AK walia. while union finance minister tried to put back money in pocket of salaried class, Mr. walia extracted it from every one including auto ricksaw wala, sabji wala, chai wala.

This is being done on the name of  common wealth games. common wealth games was assigned reasonable funds way back. however sheila government never shown any interest in projects related to CWG. It was done in anticipation loss in assembly election. however Delhi voters voted for congress and sheila dixit  government was reinstated. it is where litmus test of sheila started. Now they had nothing in there hand no time and no money. Thank god central government is being headed by Congress only. so fund demanded was fund issued. however Delhi government has nothing to support from its kitty. as time spent projects  become costlier and costlier. for example signature bridge to connect east Delhi was initially estimated rs. 700 crores and its present cost is rs. 1200 crores. This difference of 500 crore that goes to inefficiency at the part of government is being passed as tax to innocent voters.

Not to surprise even senior congress Delhi leaders as well as ministers has not come in support of the budget. Here it shall be noted that mobile phone generate turn over worth 500-600 crores per month. and VAT has been increased to 12.5%. however in NCR it is 55 only. It is going to be much much cheaper in NCR than in delhi. and with increased price of diesel, LPG and CNG Delhi is not a city for poor man.

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