Computer Market Analysis : Laptop and Desktop

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Computer market size in India in first 4 months is estimated INR 47 Billions. Desktop computer market size is INR 11 Billions and laptop market size is INR 36 billions. first four months of financial year 2016 included Aprail, May, June and July.

It is interesting to compare top 5 processors in Desktop and Laptop. Top 5 processors used in desktop computers are as follows.

  1. Core I3
  2. Pentium
  3. Core I5
  4. Core DUO
  5. Core I7

while top 5 processors used in laptop are

  1. Core I3
  2. Core I5
  3. Pentium
  4. Core I7
  5. A Series

Core I5 and I7 launched by Intel with much fanfare is still behind with all season Core I3. Here it should be noted that Core I3 sale is almost 10 times in both categories than Core I7.If we compare YTD 15 and YTD 16, sale is static. However desktop market faced de-growth to the tune of 12% , however de-growth in desktop computers were due to conversion to laptop. so desktop de-growth was converted in growth of laptop nos.

Inter core I3 covers 35% market share of total computer market. Intel core I3, I5 and I7 supremacy is not questioned even remotely, however it is not deterrent to other players as INR 47 billion market has to offer something or else for every one. Other players competing in market includes E series, Athlon, SEMPRON, CELERON, A series, C series.


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