Changing Benchmark of fitness and Gymnasium

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Health is wealth. It is advisable to spend minuscule on health rather than spending sky high on treatment later on. GYM and fitness centres provide path to healthy lifestyle. However traditional  gym is changing very fast, now going to GYM for treadmill, heavy machines and bench press is out fashioned.Yoga

Personal Trainer: Personal trainer is in fashion, gym members prefer PT who can understand their workout and physical need. there is nothing like heavy or light work out, it all depends upon physical structure and food habits. personal trainer decide weekly/fortnightly exercise schedule and revise it according to results.

Cycling : Cycling looks losing its shine, however regaining past glory slowly if not quickly. cycling groups  make sure to have one expedition at least in a week. They go with back up and necessary goods for emergency.

Yoga : It must be credited to our Honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi, Yoga is not only talk of the town but talk of the world. rather than do heavy exercise with trained professionals, yoga is comparatively better and so liked by all age groups.

Marathon : Indians were never considered good for long runs specially marathon blaming it on climate. however scenario has changed very quicky, delhi and Mumbai marathon have received overwhelmed participation. Registration for participating are closed much earlier than closing date as all slots are booked rapidly.

Zumba/ Aqua Zumba : If you want to mix workout with fun than Zumba is just right for you. Zumba is choreography based work out, music beats and dance are integral part of it. it has become popular in no time. This is specially liked by women however men are no alien to this.

Masala Bhangra : Masala bhangra is Indian desi style music based work out on Dhol. it provide fun, entertainment, engagement and yes of course workout too

Last but not least LesMills : LesMills was developed in New Zealand by Phillip Mills, it is unique program that work on principle of exercise to music fitness programs. it is being run in more than 75 countries and in more than 15000 gyms. Popular Les Mills programs are Body Step, Body combat, Body Pump , HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training.


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