Anna hazare : health, Rahul Gandhi and UP elections

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Anna Hazare all look pre-set to go UP and make change happen. And change was not changing Mayawati but change game plan of prince of Congress, Rahul Gandhi. liked. Enjoyed.

All congress local managers like Beni Prasad Verma and national self declared well wisher Mr. Digvijay singh started firing against old young man Anna Hazare. then unfortunate or fortunate happened with Anna ji and he was hospitalized. Unfortunate for Rahul Gandhi and fortunate for Anna ji. yes you read it right and it is not vice-versa. why? ok I will explain it below.

UP was never a strong filed to play for congress, nor is this time. You need not to be expert to comment chances of Congress in UP.  So if UP was being address by Anna ji against congress, Congress was ready to lose and blame Anna factor. However Anna ji heath spoiled game plan.  and Rahul baba is again in battle field, working more than average congress worker ( or so called leaders). He will deliver some magic for sure, as you know in India hard work never go to waste.

MM Mayawati and Mulayam singh is all ready to eat, each other and any one comes in between. Now Rahul Gandhi is on litmus test. He will not like UP to become Bihar.

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